An Artistic Space in NoMad: Inked by Dani Redefines Temporary Tattoos with Fine Artistry

May 9, 2024
By Keith Dale Gordon

In an artistic space in NoMad, amidst the energy of New York City, lies a creative company that’s making its mark. Inked by Dani, located within Kew Management’s iconic St. James building, is a uniquely creative endeavor. Founded by the visionary artist Dani Egna, this singular business offers artistic freedom with temporary tattoos, blending fine artistry with fashion-forward designs.

Artistic Space in NoMad
Founder and Artist Dani Egna (left). Inked by Dani office in the historic St. James building (right).

A Fusion of Art and Expression: Elevating Temporary Tattoos to Fine Artistry

Inked by Dani specializes in minimalist, fine-line temporary tattoos that take self-expression to new heights. What’s notable is the presence of an artist behind every design. Unlike the many temporary tattoos that are computer-generated or clip art, Dani infuses each piece with authenticity by beginning with a pencil sketch.

Inked by Dani’s tattoos are available pre-made or can be designed on commission. Check out the stores listing here to find where you can buy Inked by Dani’s products, ranging from $10.00-$12.99.

Artistic Space in NoMad

Crafted with Care: Prioritizing Quality and Safety

Another factor that makes Inked by Dani unique is its commitment to quality and safety. The products are formulated with minimal ingredients, ensuring they are safe for skin. Vegan and cruelty-free, these tattoos are more than a form of self-expression. They are also a conscious choice for those mindful of what they put on their skin.

Designs for Anyone, Anywhere

Dani herself has no permanent tattoos, nor does she plan to. With her line of temporary tattoos, she can explore a multitude of designs that may seem fashionable now, but might not suit her in the long run.

Dani’s products attract both ends of the tattoo spectrum: those who enjoy experimenting with different looks and temporary designs and those contemplating permanent tattoos, who want to try out various sizes and placements before making a long-term commitment.

When asked which tattoos are most popular, Dani quickly thought of Little Stinkers. “People like their aesthetic appeal,” she explained. As for the most unique places where people apply her tattoos, Dani doesn’t know. “No one has ever shared those creative spots with me!”

Dani has many repeat customers who restock every few weeks. In fact, some customers have messaged Dani to tell her, “I got your tattoo design for real!”

A Journey of Creativity: From Concept to Creation

Born and raised in New York, Dani’s venture into the tattoo business began during her senior year at the University of Southern California. Inspired by a trend in temporary tattoos, she saw an opportunity to merge her passion for art with a medium that resonated with a wide audience. “There were temporary tattoos for kids, costumes, and music festivals, but no one was making fashion-forward, cool, elevated tattoos.” Fueled by determination and her artistic vision, Dani launched Inked by Dani, using money she raised from selling her own paintings to kickstart her venture.

From Fashion Icons to Everyday Rebels: A Diverse Clientele

Inked by Dani has garnered attention from everyday rebels and high-profile celebrities alike. From Kim and Kourtney Kardashian to Bella Hadid and Emma Chamberlain, the clientele is as diverse as its designs. With press coverage in publications like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, Allure, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, People, Oprah, Nylon, WWD, Barron’s, and Forbes, Dani’s creations have become a must-have accessory for fashionistas and trendsetters.

Collaborations and Connections: Fostering Creativity Through Partnerships

Dani’s collaborative spirit has led to exciting partnerships, including a standout collaboration with Nails by Mei. Looking ahead, she hopes to collaborate with international beauty brands like Maybelline, recognizing potential synergies between Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio products and her own. “It would be a terrific collab.” Through strategic PR efforts and organic engagement, Inked by Dani has secured a prominent place in the beauty and fashion landscape.

Leveraging Female Entrepreneurship and Customer Connection

The beauty industry contains numerous examples of businesses owned and led by women and Dani is glad to add her footprint to this path. She believes that her deep connection with her customer base enables her to discern their wants and needs effectively. Retailers are increasingly showcasing women-owned brands and companies, a trend that Dani finds encouraging. Better yet, consumers, too, are eager to throw their support behind women-owned businesses.

Tapping Into NoMad’s Creative Spirit in the St. James in NoMad

For Dani, moving into Kew Management’s St. James building was a dream come true. In her artistic space in NoMad, surrounded by fellow creatives and inspired by the eclectic energy of the area, she found the perfect home for her headquarters. The community of entrepreneurs with office space in the St. James, as well as its sister building the Townsend, is impressive. Furthermore, Dani learned that over half of Kew Management’s tenants are female-owned businesses, including Kew Management.

Artistic Space in NoMad
Inked by Dani’s Corporate Headquarters in the historic St. James Building, 1133 Broadway, NoMad, NYC

“My dream building is the St. James,” Dani says. “A friend who is another young female entrepreneur recommended it. I came to see the office and immediately fell in love with the building.” The NoMad neighborhood, with its pedestrian-friendly NoMad Piazza and an array of great restaurants, provides the ideal backdrop for Dani’s creative endeavors. “My office is my happy place,” she proclaims.

As Dani continues to expand the boundaries of temporary tattoos, Inked by Dani’s artist’s space in NoMad is a hotspot of creativity, inviting clients to express their individuality fearlessly. So, whether you’re a fashionista or an everyday rebel, check out Inked by Dani and let your skin become the canvas for your unique story.

Follow Inked by Dani on Instagram @inked.bydani for the latest product launches and collaborations.