The Beauty in NoMad: Enhancing Eyes at Mai Lash Bar

March 27, 2024
by Keith Dale Gordon

Amidst the historic charm of the St. James building is Mai Lash Bar, an expert beauty resource in NoMad. Owned and operated by Gigi Adachi Izzo, whose skilled hands bring meticulous attention to detail, Mai Lash Bar offers a unique approach to lash care. I had the pleasure of speaking with Gigi, delving into the world of lash lifting prowess, Japanese beauty secrets, and the allure of the St. James building.

Beauty in NoMad

The Eye-Opening Benefits of Personalized Service

Mai Lash Bar offers specialized services in lash lifting, a technique that enhances the natural beauty of lashes without the need for extensions. Lifted and curled lashes make eyes look bigger, wider, and more awake. With lasting results (6-8 weeks) and minimal maintenance, it’s a convenient solution for busy clients seeking effortless beauty.

What makes Mai Lash Bar unique are not only the remarkable results, but also the health benefits for lashes. By avoiding the use of harmful glues and opting for a keratin-based treatment, Mai Lash Bar ensures beautiful and healthy lashes. Every client receives a personalized consultation which takes into consideration their unique eye shape and preferences. As Gigi notes, “Everyone’s eyes are different, from the shape of their eyes to the length and texture of their lashes.”

Beauty in NoMad

Mai Lash Bar focuses primarily on what they do best: lash lifting. Gigi and her team of experts are masters of their technique. “Our salon is different,” explains Gigi, who used to offer eye lash extensions. “We don’t offer extensions anymore because it’s too high maintenance and it’s not as healthy for the eyelashes. Eyelash lifting is better and more positive – healthier for the lash.”

Mai Lash Bar also offers sought-after brow lamination. According to Gigi, this treatment has recently seen a surge in popularity, due to its ability to create a more defined and polished look. The result is softened eyebrow hair that lays flat against the skin, which is particularly beneficial for unruly or hard-to-manage hairs. Brow service doesn’t require extra time and can be done simultaneously with the lash lift. The result is a trendier aesthetic. As Gigi points out, “It may not suit everyone’s preferences or facial features.” Rest assured: Mai Lash Bar’s personalized service will only recommend what is right for each client.

Bringing Japanese Beauty Techniques and a Love for Eyes

Gigi’s path into the beauty industry is as distinctive as the services she provides. Originally from Japan, she came to the United States over a decade ago to pursue studies in aesthetics. With an eye for detail and a passion for enhancing natural beauty, Gigi transitioned from a career in banking to become an expert in lash lifting.

Japan has long been at the forefront of beauty innovation, particularly when it comes to enhancing the eyes. From mascara and curling to lash lifting techniques, Japanese beauty trends have influenced beauty worldwide. Gigi brings this expertise to Mai Lash Bar, offering clients a taste of Japanese beauty secrets right in the heart of NoMad.

The St. James Building: A Perfect Fit

When it came to finding the ideal location for Mai Lash Bar, Gigi was drawn to the architectural charm of Kew Management’s St. James building along the NoMad Piazza. Situated in NoMad, it provides the perfect environment for Mai Lash Bar. “The St. James building is wonderful. I love the historical building and I really like the people – the tenants and the staff.”

Beauty in NoMad

In 2022, Mai Lash Bar’s studio expanded to a larger space within the St. James. A serene sanctuary, now spanning 1200 square feet, offers eight beds, where clients can relax and rejuvenate. As her following and client roster continue to grow, Gigi is modest about expanding further, pleased with her current success.

Beauty in NoMad

Catering to a Diverse, Loyal Clientele

Mai Lash Bar’s clientele is as diverse as the beauty in NoMad itself. From locals to professionals working in the St. James, the Townsend, and nearby buildings, Gigi’s studio attracts clients seeking expert results and personalized service, which has cultivated a loyal following. Some clients have been returning for over 13 years.

Embracing Natural Beauty, Committed to Excellence

In a culture where beauty trends come and go, Mai Lash Bar remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing natural beauty. Gigi’s dedication to sourcing the best products ensures not only beautiful, but also safe treatments for her clients. At Mai Lash Bar, the beauty of NoMad comes alive in every lash.