BIANCHI&Co.: Helping Companies Evolve through Creative Search

August 9, 2018

The best companies are always on the hunt for brilliant, talented individuals—but when they’re specifically looking for people in the creative space, many of these businesses look to BIANCHI&Co. Centrally located in NoMad at 1123 Broadway, this boutique firm has carved out a niche in the executive search and recruitment industry by connecting growing businesses with the perfectly matched exceptional creative talent they need.

“My job is to help companies evolve,” says Anthony Bianchi, the firm’s founder and CEO. “I’m known in the industry as someone who can effect change through finding the person who is the perfect fit to help take the client to the next level.”

A Newer Company, Backed by a Legacy of Success

While BIANCHI&Co. has existed only since 2015, Anthony himself is no newcomer to the industry. He’s spent more than 20 years focused on professional recruitment in the creative space and was a pioneer in e-commerce and digital marketing sectors. His client list is long and impressive, with names that include AT&T, The Gap, Microsoft, Ralph Lauren, Sephora, MTV, Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder, L’Oréal and others. It comes as no surprise that it has taken very little time for BIANCHI&Co. to build an established clientele.

“My clients are really a mix of a lot of retail brands, a lot of fashion and beauty clients,” says Anthony, “as well as other brands that aren’t retail per se but do value creative. The challenge is to truly understand how to evaluate talent, to match the caliber of someone’s creative work to the aesthetic that is appropriate for each of my clients.”

Forming a Niche Within a Competitive Industry

Specialization has definitely been a key to the firm’s success as BIANCHI has developed a solid reputation for finding creative talent quickly, making them a “go-to” company for specific types of skills. “I’ve been doing this for so long that I have a lot of relationships within the industries in which I work,” says Anthony. “I have a large and strong network of talent that I’ve nurtured over the years.  So when we work on something, immediately we have people whom we know could be a perfect fit for our client.

“A lot of companies come to us looking to elevate the level of their creative work,” Anthony continued, “perhaps even to grow a discipline they did not have. One of the things I enjoy the most in my work is partnering with my clients on those kinds of challenges.”

Changing Technologies and the State of the Industry

Over the years, Anthony has seen the digital revolution cause huge changes within his industry, from online job searches/recruitment to the emergence of new types of creative roles. He sees these changes as largely positive, although they have certainly required an ability to adapt and re-think.

“I feel there is a stronger demand for search than ever,” he says. “However, there is a huge shift in the type of talent that companies are looking for. The move toward social media is greatly changing the way my clients engage with their customers. Instagram, especially, is especially where we’re seeing the biggest growth right now. Thus, many of my clients are specifically looking for talent who lean heavily toward social media skills.”

At Home in NoMad

Given the wealth of creative companies in the area, BIANCHI&Co. has found NoMad to be both convenient and strategic as a location for their offices. “My last office was located in a very nice area over in West Chelsea in the art gallery district,” says Anthony, “but it was just a little tougher for people to get over that far during the middle of their day. I like this location because it’s so central that it makes it easier for people to come into my office during their workday.”

Anthony says the overall aesthetic quality of 1123 Broadway is an asset too. “The building presents the firm nicely,” he says. “The fact that it’s a landmark building, that it’s kept up and preserved so well, and there’s so much respect for the history and the original architecture and design of this building, I think is really in line with my brand and the values that are important to me and my clients.”


1123 Broadway, Suite 511

New York NY 10010

(212) 414-8514