A S’well Business Partnership In NoMad

March 18, 2021

A S’well business partnership has sprung up in NoMad. Recently, S’well opened offices in Kew Management’s historic St. James Building at 1133 Broadway. With an eye toward making the world around us a better, safer place, the two companies have combined efforts in support of sustainability and safety. The results are chic Kew-branded reusable water bottles.

S’well was founded in 2010 when Sarah Kauss decided she wanted to do more to help rid the planet of single-use plastics. She created what has become the world’s first hydration accessory – a beautifully designed, sustainable, reusable bottle. To date, the company has helped to supplant the use of more than 4 billion single-use plastic bottles.

Kew has been doing its part to be more eco-conscious, too. As part of Kew’s latest building upgrade and renovation of all bathrooms in the St. James, each floor now has a chilled water fountain with a hygienic touch-free spigot for filling water bottles.

Business Partnership NoMad

Reusable Water Bottles are Safe and Sustainable

Together, with these reusable water bottles, S’well and Kew are reminding people that reusables are safe to use during these unique times. And they are encouraging people to do so. The best water refill options are hands-free electronic water refilling stations, like those in the St. James. When the reusable bottle is placed under the spigot, an electronic sensor automatically begins to refill (just be sure the water bottle doesn’t touch the spigot). It’s a safe, touch-free, better-for-the-planet way to rehydrate.

Healthier Communities, Healthier Planet

In the last year, the health and safety of those around us have been top of mind. The world has never felt more connected as citizens across the globe have faced what it means to be healthier as a community – both locally and on a larger scale. Importantly, many experts and scientists continue to point out that global climate change may present an even greater threat than what the world has experienced during the pandemic.

Small changes in our daily choices and the way we live can have a bigger collective impact on our world and shared future. This business partnership in NoMad between Kew and S’well is an example of how companies can join together to help improve the lives of individuals, as well as the larger community.