Gratitude from Leslie Spira Lopez

November 15, 2023

To our Tenants and the Greater Kew Community:

It’s that time of year when I take inventory of the world around and the vibrant neighborhood I call home. As a building owner, business owner, and resident of NoMad, I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to be able to be here in NoMad. NoMad is a unique, thriving community that continues to attract creative like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations who come together to make it a destination as well as a home.

I am so very grateful for…

The opportunity to be a part of the three organizations that work together to steward and cultivate our neighborhood:

  • Madison Square Park Conservancy, which works diligently to preserve our stunning park as a modern-day oasis for all seasons.
  • Flatiron NoMad Partnership, whose ongoing commitment to maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and vibrancy of our neighborhood is truly commendable.
  • The NoMad Alliance, a dedicated membership group that strives to make our neighborhood ever better by supporting our local businesses and community at large.

The selfless, giving people of NoMad, including the remarkable nonprofit organizations that tirelessly serve our neediest children and families of our community, New York City and the world:

I am grateful to be at the intersection of the past and the future where the rich history of Tin Pan Alley pulses within our neighborhood today through live outdoor jazz and music concerts from the Jazz Gallery on the NoMad Piazza, in Madison Square Park, on the Flatiron Plaza, and still on 28th Street’s Tin Pan Alley in front of The Ritz-Carlton NoMad.

We are all lucky for the notable restaurants and exciting nightlife, from soaring rooftop bars to tucked-away speakeasies, and new entertainment finding its way to this neighborhood.

I am thrilled with the launch of NOMAD Magazine, a unique publication that shines a bright and informative light on our neighborhood for all to see.

Above all, I am thankful for the people who make up the heart and soul of NoMad. This includes our exceptional Kew Management staff, our tenants, and our wider community.

Simply put, There’s no place like NoMad.

Lastly, as I consider the stark contrast between our lives in NoMad and the challenges faced by others around the world, I continue to remain hopeful and grateful.

Most of all, I wish you a warm and wonderful season filled with peace, joy, and love.


Leslie Spira Lopez


President & CEO
Kew Management

Founder and President
The NoMad Alliance