Keeping You Safe – Kew Guides to Reopening All Buildings (Updated)

July 6, 2020

Kew Management welcomes all of our tenants back to work.  We want to let you know that our staff has been working to make changes to the building and to develop procedures that will make the buildings safe for reopening. We have prepared brief guides titled Keeping You Safe, which provides the details about what Kew is doing and what each and everyone of us can do to keep the Kew community healthy.

All tenants should familiarize themselves with the guides and are urged to share them with their entire staff. 

The guide includes:

  • Changes to the Building and Our Policies
  • The Part that Each of Us can Play
  • How Tenants can Prepare Their Spaces, Policies and Staff for Returning to Work
  • Helpful Resources

As Kew Management and tenants work through the process of reopening, Kew will update and revise procedures and protocols to best fit the changing situation.

Keeping You Safe – 1123 and 1133 – Updated
Keeping You Safe – 11 West 25th
Keeping You Safe – 255 Fifth Avenue
Keeping You Safe – 227 West 29th