Kew Tenant K Health Raises $12.5 Million for Health App

August 14, 2018

Anyone who has looked up symptoms online knows how easy it is to be overcome by the abundance of medical information at your fingertips.  In fact, many people fall trap to “cyberchondria”, a term recognized in the science and health community, referring to increased anxiety caused by researching symptoms of diseases. K Health founder Allon Bloch characterizes this internet phenomenon as making everyone “two clicks away from cancer.”

K Health believes it has an answer to static symptom checking, with its new K app.  K employees a huge database of real clinical data — 20+ years of data across one billion professional health interactions, including physician notes, lab results, treatments, and prescriptions.  Using the “People Like Me” approach, it turns this massive amount of information into knowledge that is useful to the user based on their particular health profile.  The key to formulating the information for each user is a proprietary methodology incorporating advanced machine learning that formulates the response based on each user’s health profile.

Unique to K among competitors, it can also provide same-day office appointments and remote consultations with physicians.  In fact, K is now launching an easy way for its users to connect with a leading network of independent primary care providers throughout New York City. Local users can share their K report in a HIPPA-compliant manner with a provider through the app for a same-day visit or a free remote consultation.

The power of the new app has been recognized by the investment community.  Only last month, Kew tenant K Health, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based primary care startup, announced $12.5 million financing from investors including Mangrove Capital Partners, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Primary Ventures Partners, the Box Group, Max Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, and Comcast Ventures.

Bloch makes it clear that K’s results are not designed to replace the advice of medical doctors, and he added that the team is working towards creating ways that prevent the misinterpretation of treatment suggestions.

K Health has already seen improvements in patient outcomes in markets where it has launched. In fact, the success and powerful capabilities of the app have been acknowledged by numerous publications including WSJ, Crain’s NY, Alley Watch, and Venture Beat.  We are proud to have K Health as part of the Kew community and look forward to more exciting developments and their continued growth.