New Hotel The Paul Markets Self, NoMad

February 3, 2015

the paul boutique hotel nomad

NoMad is home to an exciting new hotel. Sitting at 32 West 29th Street, The Paul’s 21 floors house 122 rooms, a rooftop bar and a front plaza. Taking its place among icons such as The Evelyn (previously The Gershwin Hotel) and Ace Hotel, not the mention the much-discussed upcoming Virgin Hotel, The Paul occupies a previously unfilled niche, somewhere between a trendy youth hostel and a chic boutique hotel.

The Paul pays homage to Beatles legend Paul McCartney with art and references, without exuding buzzing rock star mania. Instead, The Paul has branded itself as something of an anthropomorphic character. Paul is cool. He is savvy. He is New York. He is NoMad.

In order to achieve the greatest tapped-in coolness, The Paul is using the NoMad neighborhood as a major selling point. The hotel’s website essentially serves as an advertisement for the entire area. The banner, which reads “This is North of Madison,” lies over a stunning, top-floor photo of the neighborhood stretched out below.

The site goes on to say that NoMad is the perfect place for travelers who want to live and feel like a quintessential New Yorker. The hotel’s staff is specifically trained in “Paul’s rolodex,” imparting insider knowledge about the surrounding area to visitors. The message is clear: If you want a true New York experience, NoMad is the place to be.

It is wonderful to see The Paul highlighting what we already know to be true: NoMad’s location, diversity and inherent culture of innovation make it an essential part of New York City and a destination that is not to be missed, for travelers and locals alike.