NoMad Attracts International Talent

August 26, 2020

Nomad international talent Mitchell Denburg

NoMad attracts international talent and resources from around the globe – from Dutch lighting to Finnish fashion and Japanese confections. Among the globally diverse companies, the Mitchell Denburg Collection stands out.

Its extraordinary textiles support Guatemalan artisans and makers who employ traditional techniques. At the same time that Denburg is bringing these beautiful fabrics to a world market, he also is helping to keep centuries-old customs and traditions alive by supporting the artisans who create them instead of using mass production. The authenticity makes the gorgeous pieces all the more meaningful.

The company prioritizes the use high-quality materials – but the materials must also be natural, renewable, and eco-friendly. Even when sourcing, The Mitchell Denburg Collection works with suppliers from many cultures, encouraging them to preserve heritage processes and the ways of life that support such endeavors.

Its founder, Mitchell Denburg was recently profiled by Mitchell Owens in Architectural Digest. He describes how in 1980, Denburg as a 22-year old photographer became enamored with the city of Antigua in Guatemala – its people and its crafts – and soon began an atelier with five workers and three looms.

Today, the company has 175 artisans and 50 looms. It is a company of multi-talented, skilled individuals, who continuously seek ways to create new designs and products – all while maintaining a commitment to excellence.

The Mitchell Denburg Collection’s New York flagship in the rooftop loft of the historic St. James in NoMad manifests the appreciation of individual artistry and reverence for history. The New York showroom is headed by Christian Jaillite, himself a talented photographer.

Nomad international talent Mitchell Denburg

NoMad attracts such diverse international talent with a creative approach to their industry and social justice. That is why it continues to be a bastion for companies with similar core values and a dedication to bringing the best of global artistry to a wider audience.