NoMad Piazza Grows in Popularity and Size

September 4, 2020

NoMad Piazza Grows Expands

The NoMad Piazza grows in popularity and size, as New York City’s Open Street program expands. New Yorkers have come to know the stretch of Broadway between 25th Street and 28th street as the NoMad Piazza – a wonderful outdoor Manhattan destination in NoMad.

Based on the success of NYC’s Open Streets, NoMad Piazza now extends north up to 31st Street, offering even more reasons to visit and partake of the neighborhood’s unique offerings. The southern tip continues to be closed to cars from 8:00 in the morning to 11:00 at night, allowing pedestrians to amble as they please most any time of day.

NoMad Piazza Grows Expands

Outdoor eating areas and colorful umbrellas have been set up by a number of New Yorker’s favorite restaurants. At the heart of this new favorite destination, they continue to serve up tasty dishes with impeccable service under the summer sky. Some of the snacks, treats, and meals visitors can enjoy along the way are from eateries like:

In the expansion of NoMad Piazza, notables now include The Breslin and Casa Nomad.

Many of the neighborhood restaurants are offering special deals as part of the city’s All In NYC efforts. Check them out here.

The NoMad Piazza offers visitors more than delicious foods and beverages. Stop in Fellow Barber, sit in one of its vintage barber chairs, and get a haircut, buzz cut, trim, shave, or the “hangover treatment.” Or relax the mind and body with something from Standard Dose and get recommendations on plant-based wellness and CBD products. Those in search of the next great summer read can browse the incomparable Rizzoli Bookstore.

As NoMad Piazza grows in popularity, it easily accommodates more people with plenty of wide-open space on Broadway from 25th Street to 31st Street. The NoMad Piazza has room for everyone to enjoy the best of the season in New York City.