Office Space: A Key Asset in Productivity

September 18, 2020
/ by Keith Gordon
Office Space Asset Productivity
photo Andrea Piacquadio

It’s becoming evident that office space is a key asset in optimizing productivity. While many industries continue with work-from-home scenarios as a significant portion of employment, the downside of remote work is exposed in new research.

Productivity Decreases as Work-from-Home Fatigue Is On the Rise

Results from a new September study conducted by Vocon, an architecture, interior design, and workplace strategy consulting firm, reveal that work-from-home fatigue is on the rise. Simultaneously, productivity of work-from-home scenarios is decreasing.

In Vocon’s September 2020 Survey, 40% of business leaders reported a decrease in work-from-home productivity (Interestingly, in Vocon’s April 2020 Survey, 56% of business leaders rated remote work productivity as ‘excellent’). One quarter of business leaders (25%) reported work-from-home fatigue.

Research also highlighted employer concerns regarding maintaining a strong corporate culture and keeping employees engaged and connected while working remotely. Virtual on-boarding of recent hires and mentoring new talent is also a concern.

Thomas Vecchione, Principal at Vocon, notes, “Companies across the board have seen remote-work fatigue and a resulting decline in productivity. They are actively seeking to bring their people back to the workplace. However, the new paradigm will include both working remotely and working in an office that has been optimized to support purposeful interactions, collaboration, engagement, training, and company culture.”

Office Space Asset Productivity

The benefits of an office space, small or large, are becoming more evident to employers and employees alike. The workplace facilitates better connection between employees. It allows for more organic collaboration, brainstorming, and easier ongoing development of ideas and project progression. These are benefits we’ve all known instinctively. Now, these benefits of an office space are becoming unmistakably clear.

As savvy businesses evaluate what constitutes affordable office space in this new era of business, the value of an office will be determined not only by its location and cost per square foot, but how it contributes to and amplifies productivity.

About Vocon’s September 2020 Remote Work Survey

Vocon’s study was fielded during the first two weeks of September 2020 among business leaders representing nearly a half-million employees (443,985). Key industries included in the survey are technology, advertising, architecture, design, legal services, engineering, and consulting.

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