Another Tomorrow: Thriving Business in NoMad

March 9, 2021

Thriving Business NoMad

The sustainable luxury fashion brand Another Tomorrow is a thriving business in Manhattan’s dynamic NoMad neighborhood. The B Corp certified company is now headquartered in Kew Management’s historic St. James building at 1133 Broadway along the NoMad Piazza.

With a strong sense of responsibility and purpose, Vanessa Barboni Hallik founded the sustainably conscious clothing brand for the curious, compassionate global citizen seeking elevated, thoughtful design, education, and tools for advocacy.

Reinventing Luxury

Another Tomorrow is committed to modeling change across the fashion industry and to a values system based on deep respect for human, animal and environmental welfare.

The brand has been steadfast in its commitment to sustainability paired with design excellence, customer-centric innovation and a digitized product ecosystem that enables supply-chain transparency and authentication for resale. Another Tomorrow has formalized these commitments by earning its B Corp certification—the first in the luxury segment to do so.

Sourcing and Materials

Another Tomorrow holds itself to the highest standards when selecting materials for their designs. When unable to source materials that meet their strict criteria—comfort, quality, and the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants—Another Tomorrow created entirely new fabrics and fully transparent supply chains.

A few of the materials that Another Tomorrow uses include GRS Recycled Cashmere, Organic Cotton, Renewed Denim, Corozo Buttons, and Ethical Wool, just to name a few.

The company’s ‘do no harm’ approach relating to environmental, animal, and human welfare means Another Tomorrow does not use any fiber or resource that necessitates the injury or suffering of an animal, allowing each to live out its full natural lifespan. With these standards in place, many of the typical luxury fabrics, such as silk, virgin cashmere, down, conventional linen, conventional viscose, and polyester are not used in the creation of its products.

Certified B Corporation

As a Certified B Corporation, Another Tomorrow meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. It is part of the vanguard helping to redefine what success in business looks like and means in today’s global economy.

Exemplary Citizen of NoMad

Not only is Another Tomorrow an exemplary corporate citizen of NoMad, it is a model business citizen of the new world. With its eye on the present and the future simultaneously, its triumphs are rooted in the success of future generations. It’s no wonder this thriving business in NoMad has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, New York Magazine, WWD, and Fast Company.

When asked what drew Another World to NoMad, Hallik offered, “We believe in NYC and NoMad is the heart of Manhattan. We love the energy, the greenspace and the central location close to transportation which makes it easy for our team and our partners to connect in person – which is something we’re all looking forward to getting back to!”